Mobile Emergency Rooms

Prime MedCare can help you and your organization add Mobile Emergency Rooms to your facility’s fleet of vehicles.

A mobile emergency room allows medical professionals to perform preliminary treatment for illnesses and injuries. It is a ready-to-access medical room that helps doctors to attend mass casualty events and situations as dangerous as life-threatening conditions.

When mass casualty happens, reaching conventional medical facilities for health treatment is not a solution. These mobile emergency rooms help medical professionals reach the spot of accidents or the areas where a disease or natural calamities hit.

It is the best options for preliminary health checkups, and if patients need further medical attention, doctors can prescribe that patient for treatments in hospitals or healthcare units.

A mobile emergency room is easy to set up within an hour, and it has enough space for setting up medical equipment and accommodating a medical team of eight personnel to give care to patients. Many facilities use mobile emergency rooms to stabilize a patient’s condition before operating in conventional emergency rooms.

Other Medical Services

The mobile emergency room provides necessary care to people in different areas devastated by disease, natural disasters, and more. The unit can be customized according to the requirements, and we bring this unit to help you serve patients meeting their health needs. With this vehicle, you can provide emergency medical assistance to remote areas also. We try to bridge the gap between health care facilities and patients by offering medical facilities outside of hospitals and other conventional medical care places. The vehicle will provide you all the necessary equipment to conduct the treatment in different locality and serve small and large groups of people.